L&H Engineering is a small company that specializes in the Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) of high voltage power equipment using “solar-blind” corona (UV) detection technology.  Our goal is to identify defective and damaged components before they fail and to provide a measure of the “health” of the power system.


L&H Engineering uses the latest “solar-blind” corona detection technology to find defective, damaged, and contaminated high voltage power insulators, bushings, disconnect switches, arrestors and similar components.  This same corona detection technology can be used to evaluate motors and generators. 

  • We have over eight years experience using corona detection technology for the NDE of high voltage power equipment
  • L&H Engineering is a leader in the field of “solar-blind” corona inspection technology
  • Our Company uses the latest corona detection technology from Ofil Ltd


For information or a quotation for a Corona (UV) Inspection, Training in the Use of Corona Inspection Technology or Support in Interpreting Your Corona Data, please contact Paul Lyons

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