Corona generated by a defective polymer insulatorL&H Engineering provides ground-based and aerial corona inspections of power utility substations, transmission lines and distribution lines.

We also perform corona inspections of motors, generators and control & power cabinets.

The detection of UV on energized equipment is a powerful method of identifying defective and damaged energized components before they fail in service. Corona inspection of polymer and porcelain insulators is a critical component of an effective predictive maintenance program.

If you have your own “solar-blind” corona detection camera, we can train your staff how to better interpret the data provided by your corona camera. We can also support you in interpreting your corona camera data.

Our inspection services include

  • Transmission Lines
  • Distribution Lines
  • Substations
  • Motors & Generators
  • Power & Control Cabinets

This corona technology is helping utilities avoid costly unscheduled outages and failures in substations, transmission lines and distribution lines as well as track level of contamination.

For information or a quotation for a Corona (UV) Inspection, Training in the Use of Corona Inspection Technology or Support in Interpreting Your Corona Data, please contact Paul Lyons

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