L & H Engineering has been routinely using “solar-blind” corona detection technology across the voltage spectrum used to find defective insulators of all types, identify defective disconnect switches, find defective bushings on transformers and breakers and assess the health of arrestors, potheads and the myriad other energized components that are used in our power systems.

A corona inspection can identify system components that are likely to fail prematurely. This provides an early warning of potential failures and helps determine the health of your critical system components and prioritize repair and replacement tasks.

In the past locating corona, partial discharge and arcing by detecting ultraviolet (UV) energy was difficult and expensive because of the limitations of available detection devices. To see the actual location of corona before “solar blind” corona detection technology became available, required that the corona inspection be conducted at night. Therefore, corona detection was not used as a component diagnostic tool, but was generally limited to the hunt for audible noise and radio interference problems. The “solar-blind” corona camera technology makes detection of damaged transmission, distribution and substation equipment by detecting corona (UV), a routine and cost effective part of your preventive maintenance program.

With the “solar-blind” corona detection technology, L & H Engineering can identify damaged energized components, identify damaged polymer insulators (NCI), identify damaged porcelain insulators, identify damaged conductors, find defects in new construction, identify deterioration due to design defects, track build-up of contamination, track aging of components as well as identify radio Interference and audible noise sources. This detection technology also finds corona in power and control power cabinets as well as motors and generators.

The “solar blind” technology used by L & H Engineering makes detection of corona sources independent of ambient lighting conditions. This corona technology is helping utilities avoid costly unscheduled outages and failures in substations, transmission lines and distribution lines as well as track level of contamination.

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